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People’s Republic of Cashmere is a Nordic brand established in 2012. We combine high quality Inner Mongolian cashmere with clean Scandinavian design.

The story began with two friends who went traveling through Inner Mongolia. During their travels they stumbled upon a small cashmere producer specializing in cashmere garments. The friends were captivated by the quality and their dream is to share this local find with fellow connoisseurs. The result is People’s Republic of Cashmere.

People’s Republic of Cashmere specialize in cashmere essentials with a timeless ease and refined colour palette. Our designs reflect a sense of relaxed and classic elegance, focusing on comfort, high quality and the perfect fit. All our garments are made from one hundred percent cashmere. From the shearing of the goat to the creation of the final garment, everything takes place on the vast steppes of Inner Mongolia.

Combining these elements, we want to accompany you through every season, whether it’s to keep your warm during winter or comfortable in spring. People’s Republic of Cashmere does not follow trends. We follow the seasonal changes to create garments that are suitable for all settings.

The company was founded by Hong Reese-You and Emilie Fenst. Hong being of Chinese decent is in charge of production and Emilie is in charge of design and marketing. People’s Republic of Cashmere aims to become one of the strongest cashmere suppliers on the European market.


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