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Cashmere Deli | People's Republic of Cashmere

Cashmere Deli

Open: 23 November - 13 December


Welcome to the Cashmere Deli, our new dedicated online space filled with the softest and most exclusive delicacies.

Deli short for delicatessen, from Latin delicatus alluring, delightful and dainty.

Here you find truly unique cashmere pieces, items from past collections, discontinued styles and colours - up to 40% off.

While we avoid regular sales, overconsumption and short-life products, we also don’t want any of our precious cashmere pieces to go unused. Instead, we hope to find a new owner for them.

  • The Cashmere Deli is our way of making room for the new 
  • Styles come and go, colours come and go
  • Final colours, final styles