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Quality and Production



All our garments are made from one hundred percent cashmere. From the shearing of the goat to the creation of the final garment, everything takes place on the vast steppes of Inner Mongolia.

Cashmere is an all-natural fabric that has been used by mankind for thousands of years. Renowned for its diverse characteristics, from its incredible softness and lightness to its strength and warmth, it has the perfect qualities for insulation.

Quality and Production | People's Republic of Cashmere
Quality and Production | People's Republic of Cashmere



Our garments are made from the finest wool fibres of the Inner Mongolian cashmere goat.

These fibres are sheared from the neck region and are of the longest and finest quality. The cashmere wool fibres are collected during the spring moulting season when cashmere goats naturally shed their winter coat. The farmers collect and comb these fibres to separate the coarse hair from the fine hair collecting only the softest cashmere.

The cashmere is then dyed and spun into yarns, which are then knitted into the garments of People’s Republic of Cashmere. We hope you love the light and luxurious feeling as much as we do. 



Cashmere can last a lifetime if you care for it in the right way. Wash it carefully and remove remaining fibres when necessary. Here are some important guidelines on how to maintain your cashmere items:


Always wash at temperatures below 30°C

Our cashmere can be washed both by hand and machine wash

Dry your clothes by laying them on a towel away from heat sources

Never use the tumble dryer and wash colours separately

When using the washing machine, it is best to use a mesh bag to avoid damage

If pilling appears, remove them with a special comb or an electronic

Quality and Production | People's Republic of Cashmere