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PRC x To The Moon, Honey - People's Republic of Cashmere
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PRC x To The Moon, Honey

Together with The Moon, Honey, we have collaborated to create one of our most sought-after designs, the neckerchief.
To The Moon, Honey is a website and podcast platform based in Copenhagen. Since its launch in 2018, it has become a popular online community of women centred around motherhood. As fellow mothers, we appreciate To The Moon, Honey's inspiring platform and the honesty shared by all the women who share their stories. Recently, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the founders, Bea Fagerholt and Liv Winther, to gain further insight into their online universe, learn about their biggest achievements to date, and discover what the future holds for them.

Neckerchief - Trench Butter

A forever favourite staple for the whole family to love.

Neckerchief - Trench Butter

Neckerchief - Trench Butter

A forever favourite staple for the whole family to love.

To our readers who are not familiar with To The Moon, Honey, can you tell us about how you started your wildly popular online community?

It all started when we gave birth on the same day – at that time we knew each other peripherally from our background as beauty editors at different fashion magazines, but our friendship started when we both had motherhood in common. During our maternity leave, we enjoyed sharing the many ups and downs motherhood consists of. We also started talking about the importance of having somewhere to reflect on your experiences and knowing that you are not alone – which is so important to emphasize when it comes to motherhood. We are proud and humbled to see the community that we have built with To The Moon, Honey. A community where women share their honest stories to help others who find themselves in the same position, but also to widen their horizons and show that there is not one right way to being a good mother.

How has your view on motherhood and parenting changed since launching To The Moon, Honey?

We have learned so much during these past few years. Not only by talking to experts in the field of motherhood and emotional life for women but also by listening to such different life perspectives and stories from the women who share their stories in our community. One general thing that we are both very grateful for, is seeing the great possibilities hidden in putting your curiosity first. We know that it's easy, especially for women and when it comes to the choices you make as a mother, to choose a more judgmental approach. You will go a long way by being open-minded instead.

Neckerchief - Trench Butter

What is the biggest milestone for To The Moon, Honey?

The biggest milestone was launching the To The Moon, Honey podcast. 150 birth stories witness that no two are alike. Many pregnant women use our podcast as preparation for their birth and our episodes are being recommended by midwives and Danish hospitals to expecting mothers. That is a very important recognition.

As mothers of young children with busy lives, can you share a few tips on how to get dressed in the morning - do you have specific go-to outfits for a busy work day, where you want to look and feel pulled together and ready for meetings but also mom life?

A classic look for both of us would be jeans with ballerinas or a pair of sneakers, a nice cashmere jumper – maybe in a bold colour, and a well-fitted blazer. It’s the perfect uniform for a day at the office and in the afternoon when you pick up the kids and end up on the playground you can take off the blazer for a less formal look.

Neckerchief - Trench Butter
Neckerchief - Trench Butter

What does quality mean to you?

Quality is key when it comes to clothing. Having classic styles in your wardrobe that go way back is such a pleasure. Pieces that you use frequently and just love to wear very often equals good quality.

What is next up for To The Moon, Honey?

Motherhood is universal, and we will soon be ready to expand our podcast to an English version so that women across countries and nationalities can share and learn from other women’s experiences.

How do you choose a new brand and products for your curated To The Moon, Honey Shop?

It’s a gift to know your community as well as we know ours. This makes it easy to make the right decisions when choosing new products and brands for our shop. With that said we also go with our gut feeling and select products that we have already tested, or used on ourselves, or with our children. This curation is a big part of our universe – you don’t have to spend time researching, we have already done the job.

Neckerchief - Trench Butter