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The PRC Story: Florence, Italy
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Florence, Italy

Caroline Feiffer, a Travel & Design Editor, Creative Consultant & Strategic Advisor and Founder of "Via Oltra" — a new site for elegant travel launching soon, recently went on a 6-week road trip in Italy first time as a family of 3. As a friend of PRC, she decided to share her favourite moments of this journey with us, while wearing some of her cashmere pieces.

"We did road trips before we had our daughter Clio, and decided she was ready to be introduced to this type of trip at the age of 4. We made the trip and went all over Italy from North to South driving from Copenhagen."

"I always bring a cashmere sweater when travelling, also in the summertime, be it for the flight, car, taxi, train or ferries with too cool AC, for cooler evenings or over the shoulders if the weather is indecisive. Cashmere tops are nice too going out with a skirt, it feels nice on the sun-kissed skin that can be more sensitive to cool.

I always pack at least one sweater for each of us without exception, love the warm hug kinda feeling, a light soft sweater gives almost a feeling of home, something I really enjoy when travelling for longer periods where the longing for the things at home occurs. On longer flights, I also love to wear cashmere trousers for ultimate comfort."

The PRC Story: Florence, Italy
The PRC Story: Florence, Italy
The PRC Story: Florence, Italy
The PRC Story: Florence, Italy
The PRC Story: Florence, Italy
The PRC Story: Florence, Italy

We asked Caroline a few questions about her Italian trip.

What is special about Florence? 

I like to refer to Florence as Italy’s Paris, not to draw comparisons, but the neutral sand colours of the city, which are lighter than the more earthy ones in Rome, are reminiscent of the ones in Paris. Other similarities of Paris include the river, bridges, shopping and modern options such as 3rd wave coffee bars, nice bakeries etc. (Everyone who’s travelled in Italy knows that Italians are a bit behind when it comes to third wave coffee bars etc. which is also the beauty) Combine that with everything you love about Italy i.e. classic trattorias, Italian food, gelato, magnificent architecture, great history, breathtaking green nature and sights, craftsmanship plus more — and you have Beautiful Florence.

Must-see places?

The Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, Santa Maria Novellas original shop which is like stepping into a museum of a pharmacy and La vie del te Firenze has some really nice teas.

The best third-wave coffee is at Coffee Mantra Firenze

Favourite hotel?

This time we stayed at the brand new La Gemma hotel, which is a small boutique hotel right in the city centre, making it super easy to walk everywhere. We only had 3 nights / 4 days, weather was already very nice and warm, so for longer stays especially during summer and when travelling with kids I highly recommend staying a bit out of the centre in nearby Fiesole where Belmond has a hotel, a former monastery now turned tranquil hotel with pool and garden plus beautiful views of Florence, and a quick transfer driving back and forth to Florence when you need, away from the buzz with all the perks 5 mins from Florence centre —  nothing beats that!

The PRC Story: Florence, Italy
The PRC Story: Florence, Italy
The PRC Story: Florence, Italy
The PRC Story: Florence, Italy
The PRC Story: Florence, Italy
The PRC Story: Florence, Italy

Favourite children-friendly activity?

Go to Cibreo and grab a bunch of nice dishes, green lasagna, salads, spreads, focaccia, juices etc from the amazing deli and hit a nearby park, for some shaded picnic, playground and carrousels.

Go to the cute kids' book store Todo Modo Dilà and dwell over pretty embroidery dresses and shirts all handmade at Taf Florence.

Have dinner at the very relaxed Cibreo trattoria which kids will love for the artistic branded placemats etc.

The green lasagna is so good in a nice place that are both kid-friendly and nice to parents' eyes and tastebuds too.

Favourite place to eat pasta and or gelato? 

The classic establishment Camillo Trattoria has the best tortellini in Brodo and wild strawberries with crema gelato for desserts.

Il Santo Bevitore is a little chain consisting of a bakery, wine / aperitivo bar and restaurant — all 3 have amazing food and wine and a great ambience, in the same neighbourhood is the beat gelato Sbrino creamy and light with real ingredients and kind service, fior di latte is our go to.

Cibreo Cafe for drinks and a classic ambience. Eataly for quick bites and Italian speciality grocery.

What is special about Italy?

I could write pages and pages about why Italy is so lovely to travel in, but the main objectives are an incredible nature, but mostly because of the Italian people, their philosophy on life; appreciation of beautiful architecture and quality, and most importantly their kind full-hearted warm and welcoming nature.

Last played song on your playlist?

“My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison

The PRC Story: Florence, Italy
The PRC Story: Florence, Italy

Content by @carolinefeiffer