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The PRC Stories: Emilie in New York
The PRC Stories: Emilie in New York

What brought you to NYC?

Together with a group of girls, we visited our friend Annika, a fellow Copenhagener, who now lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Can you share your travel itinerary?

I was travelling with two of my girlfriends, Anna and Karyn. It was our first girl’s trip since we all had kids, so this trip was all about spending some solid quality time together, visiting museums, taking long walks in the city, shopping, and, of course, great eating.

What area did you stay in?

We were staying at Annika’s and her husband Thomas' beautiful apartment in Brooklyn overlooking the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. It doesn't get much better than this.

Favourite Brooklyn bites?

For breakfast: Poppy’s - the best breakfast roll.

For lunch: ACRE, which is a really cool Japanese-influenced café. I had the best fried Chicken Karaage Burger there. They also have a nice in-house store with so many well-curated ceramics.

For dinner: So hard to choose, but we went to Rule of Thirds that served amazing Japanese food and drinks. We also had the best time and food at Inga’s Bar, a local favourite.
@thirdsbk & @ingasbarnyc

Where did you get the best pizza slice?

We got pizza from F&F - so good.

Your favourite store?

I loved the bookstores Books are Magic and Salter House - very NYC meets Copenhagen. Also, so many great vintage stores.

The PRC Stories: Emilie in New York
The PRC Stories: Emilie in New York

The go-to outfit in NYC?

A long grey Saks Potts coat, blue jeans, and a PRC cashmere sweater were the perfect uniform for classic early spring weather in NYC - which means both summer and winter days.

Favourite thing about your trip?

Walking around NYC all day with my best girlfriends, eating lots of great food, and also The National History Museum - obsessed with the dinos.

Must do in NYC?

Walk through Central Park, eat, explore Brooklyn, and don’t plan too much, just explore the different vibes in the different areas.