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The PRC Stories: Los Angeles, the USA
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Los Angeles, the USA

Caroline, our Head of Sales, spent her summer holidays in Los Angeles, USA. She stayed in Silver Lake for 4 weeks, together with her family. She got to experience the city like a local, so we decided to ask her about the details of her stay and some recommendations.
You can also discover which cashmere pieces Caroline and her family have been wearing during the trip.

"My husband worked during the day so the boys and I got a day routine that was:  

A little walk to Tartine Bakery every morning, a drive to the seaside, choosing a new beautiful beach every day, relaxing for some hours, eating french fries on the beach, swimming, diving, getting new friends, cuddling and taking a beach nap - driving back to the house - going for dinner with some friends or just staying in the garden and ordering food, and drinking wine while the kids would run around in the garden and pass out at 8 pm.

This pretty much sums up our LA vacation."

We asked Caroline a few questions about her LA visit.

What did travelling so far away with kids teach you?

In all honesty, part of the thrill of travelling (especially alone) with two kids lies in embracing the unknown. While it's true that additional research could have provided a more structured experience, you can never really predict it.

Your go-to vacation outfit?

During the day – white tank tops, Geismars men's boxer shorts, and Eres swimwear.

In the afternoon and during the evening I was wearing my cashmere Women's Mini Skirt or the Women's Ribbed Tank paired with vintage jeans.

What's the best meal in the city?

My go-to places to eat were La Sorted Pizzeria or the Night + Market.

Pros and cons of LA?

The people are extremely friendly and open and want the best for you.

The cons must be that you have to drive everywhere.

A must-do activity in LA with kids?

Going to the beach. My personal favourite was Leo Carrillo State Beach - it was so quiet and beautiful and I liked the nature.

Annenberg Beach in Santa Monica is more kids-oriented, and a bit more "Classic Santa Monica".

Best ice cream?

Salt and Straw ice cream has stores all over LA - but it always comes with a cue. I am not an ice cream person, but these were good and differently worth a visit.

If you had 1 hour for yourself on your vacation how would you spend it?

I often had some hours during the weekend, and then I drove to different vintage stores and coffee shops, mostly to be alone for a while and to see things that I wouldn't during the week.

Flower Chop - Vintage store in Silver Lake with the cutest vintage jeans and tees for kids - and men and women.

RTL - Rachel Tabb who is the owner of the store is a PRC fan - and we are a RTL fan - she has the cutest selection of vintage and her own brand RTL that has the best t-shirts.

I have a thing with grocery stores - the ones where everything is beautiful and the staff asks if you need any help every 5 mins, and you say yes, even though you know where the milk is.

I also went to Erewhon, walked around for an hour, and came out with 100 things that I did not know I needed and maybe never tasted before. 27 different snacks and skincare and weird-looking fruits.

Most played song on Spotify during your trip?

 Moving on Up - M People