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PRC x PWR.8 Studio

We are excited to announce the launch of a special edition Neckerchief in Rib Ecru, created in collaboration with PWR.8 Studio.
With nearly a decade of existence, PWR.8 Studio, a Copenhagen-based training studio, stands as a symbol of empowerment, strength, and joy, prioritising holistic well-being. PWR.8 Studio offers positive communities with training for everyone who wants to keep their body healthy and strong throughout life.
This exclusive piece marks a milestone in our six-month partnership, which has flourished in a dynamic new environment filled with diverse and creative individuals. The collaboration is a harmonious match, rooted in shared values and a mutual commitment to quality.

Neckerchief - Rib Ecru

Crafted with versatility and elegance in mind, this neckerchief is designed to be the perfect accessory for any occasion.

Neckerchief - Rib Ecru

Crafted with versatility and elegance in mind, this neckerchief is designed to be the perfect accessory for any occasion.

Crafted with versatility and elegance in mind, this neckerchief is designed to be the perfect accessory for any occasion. The use of cashmere ensures a luxurious feel and timeless appeal, embodying the very essence of our brand's commitment to quality and style. The journey to create this special edition piece was a collaborative effort, inspired by the unique tastes and preferences of Tor, Jan, and Gun-Britt from PWR.8 Studio. Their love for our neckerchiefs led to the decision to make them in a new, distinct rib texture, which has been seamlessly integrated into our collection.

The Rib Ecru Neckerchief, in gauge 10, provides a thicker, more exclusive feel that exudes premium quality. This texture is not only visually appealing but also adds a new dimension to the tactile experience, setting this piece apart from our previous designs. Chosen in Ecru, a fresh and sophisticated new colour addition, its new look and feel have captured our hearts, and we are incredibly excited for our customers to experience it firsthand.

Neckerchief - Rib Ecru

To our readers who are not familiar with PWR.8 Studio, can you tell us about how are you building and nurturing your distinctive training culture?

Our studio, an open-minded training oasis, has thrived for nearly a decade on a mission to "Create a happier you." We engage members with a holistic approach, emphasising responsibility for personal health in a fun and supportive environment. Our community prospers through collaborative events and strong engagement, supported by our experienced and passionate instructors. Additionally, we prioritise mindfulness by facilitating environments for our members to recharge with our PWR.8 retreats and support physical and mental health synergistically in our curated shop located in our Østerbro studio, making us more than just a gym but a comprehensive sanctuary for personal growth and happiness.

What is the biggest milestone for PWR.8 Studio?

Every day is a milestone at PWR.8 Studio, as we witness the joy and satisfaction of our members, continually affirming our mission. A significant highlight was receiving our first Børsen Gazelle award in 2019, which not only marked our business growth but also affirmed our broader mission to foster a healthy community. This recognition represents both our commitment to our members and the broader success of our holistic approach to wellness.

The PRC Stories: A Balanced Lifestyle with Tor Andersen
The PRC Stories: A Balanced Lifestyle with Tor Andersen

What made PRC a great match for you in your carefully curated PWR.8 Shop?

Adding People’s Republic of Cashmere to our curated shop aligned with our pursuit of luxurious, ethically sourced and sustainable products. We are dedicated to fostering strong relationships with designers, artisans, and suppliers who are equally committed and supportive of these principles and values such as PRC. PRC's commitment to high-quality, minimally impactful production complements our vision, providing our members with products that are not only luxurious but also conscientiously made. This enhances our members’ wellness-focused lifestyles and embodies our brand's commitment to quality and style. Incorporating a PRC x PWR.8 collaboration cashmere neckerchief into our beloved PRC product offerings enhances the experience of these values, offering our members a high-quality, versatile, and stylish option that supports an active lifestyle whilst ensuring quality and sustainability. 

What does quality mean to you?

For us at PWR.8 Studio, quality is both a professional standard and a personal commitment. It encompasses superior craftsmanship, ethical sourcing, and sustainable practices. In our universe, we focus on delivering consistent, high-quality experiences across all our services and products, ensuring that everything from our classes to our curated items exceeds our members' expectations and supports a responsible, beautiful, and healthy lifestyle.

Neckerchief - Rib Ecru

The neckerchief is now available for purchase at PWR.8 Studio, located at Dampfærgevej 10, St, 2100 København Ø, and online at, and