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Healthy skin with Elina Lei

Elina Lei is a renowned and independent skin therapist, beautician, and make-up artist, as well as the founder of the clinic under her own name. With 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, she has established herself as a leading expert while also being a wife and mother of two.
In this PRC Stories feature, Elina shares her passion and approach to skincare, along with her best beauty tips for maintaining healthy skin during the summer.

What led you to work with skin?

From a young age, I was fascinated by people's skin. Growing up with a mother who was a relaxation educator, I often observed the various skin treatments she performed at our home. My passion for beauty and styling emerged early on, as I frequently applied my mother's makeup before we attended parties. At the age of 18, I trained as a makeup artist, but I soon realised that my true fascination lay in skincare. Instead of covering and concealing skin, I wanted to focus on enhancing and promoting healthy skin.

Can you tell us about your clinic Elina Lei?

My intention with my clinic Elina Lei was to create a sanctuary, a place secluded from the outside world where clients can escape their daily routines. I envisioned a space where individuals feel free from judgment, allowing them to breathe and relax at their own pace. The clinic was founded on the belief that there was a need for a more personalised approach to skincare and overall well-being.

The PRC Stories: Healthy skin with Elina Lei

You are usually booked for more than a half year, why do you think that?

I believe it's because people are looking for instant results. They appreciate the intimate and private atmosphere I provide. My approach involves a deep, thorough understanding of their skin, and my passion for skincare is evident. As a result, clients naturally seek more of this personalised and dedicated care.

What are your dreams for your clinic for the future?

Clinic Elina Lei is completely what I dreamed of.

Although my clinic has only been open for two years, it feels like a lifelong journey, reaffirming that I am on the right path. For now, I am content with keeping things simple. My focus is on nurturing healthy skin for my clients, believing that this will ensure their beauty for years to come.

What is your best advice when it comes to choosing products for the skin?

People often become desperate to try every product they read about or are recommended, leading to overtreating and stressing their skin. To treat skin correctly, it's essential to identify the underlying causes of issues such as dryness, acne, rosacea, fine lines, and pigmentation. Building strong, resilient skin is crucial for it to handle products effectively. The way products are combined is also important, as some can work synergistically while others may counteract each other.

It's important to remember that your skin inherently wants the best for you. Once it receives what it needs and you start working with it rather than against it, significant improvements can occur, even with something as simple as a basic cream. Therefore, always seek guidance from a professional when investing in your skin.

Why do you love cashmere as a material?

I clearly remember the first time I felt a cashmere sweater against my skin. The softness of the cashmere was unforgettable, gently caressing my skin and everyone I hugged.

The PRC Stories: Healthy skin with Elina Lei
The PRC Stories: Healthy skin with Elina Lei

Can you share your best beauty tip for healthy summer skin?

Jump into the waves! Salt water cleanses your skin wonderfully. Remember to apply sunscreen and always cleanse your skin in the evening to remove the salt and sunscreen. Moisturise well before you go to sleep to keep your skin hydrated.

Content by @elinalisalei