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PRC Stories: Allinge, Denmark
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Allinge, Denmark

Line Dalgaard is a PR Manager with 10 years experience of working in the fashion industry, she is Copenhagen-based and lives in Nordhavn with her boyfriend and one-year-old daughter, Selma Bo. Recently she was on a little getaway to Bornholm, where she wore some of her PRC cashmere.
Being a valued friend of the company, we decided to ask Line about her favourite moments from this journey.

"This summer, we had a minimum of plans. Just being home and enjoying the somehow calmer and not-so-busy atmosphere that hits the city during the summer. The only thing that sneaked in was a little getaway to Bornholm with our friends and their little 2-month-old baby girl. We stayed at Nordlandet – the loveliest hotel beautifully located by the water, and a place that becomes more and more special to us. We are getting married here next year, so we collect as many moments for the books as possible."

"When dressing for the Danish summer, I like to wear something a bit more practical – you never know how the weather turns out during the day. Something where you effortlessly can add layers and take them off again, and the outfit remains chic.

I like to incorporate contrasts, so it doesn’t end up being too pretty or too practical; cool pants with a cute top; something oversized with something tighter; or something short with something long-sleeved.

Most days I would turn to a shirt or a top together with a mini skirt or a great pair of jeans depending on the temperature – and a sweater of course! Cashmere is the perfect choice – it’s warm and practical yet sophisticated and timeless."

We asked Line for a few recommendations for a Bornholm visit.

What is the best meal in Bornholm? 

We only had two nights at Bornholm, so we went dining at Nordlandet’s restaurant the first evening – in the most beautiful surroundings, where the food is great, and the service is warm.

The day after, we were all a bit tired and in the mood for something more chill. Our friends stayed in one of the hotel’s apartments with a perfect terrace for the summer evenings. We made some repair-Aperols, picked up pizzas from the cutest little pizza place by the harbour in Sandvig called Basta, sat on the terrace during sunset and drank red wine.

Both meals were perfect.

Best ice-cream? 

Kalas – the ice cream is freshly made with organic milk and with fruit and berries from Bornholm’s gardens. But prepare yourself to get in line.

I’m truly a dessert person so a good dessert is always worth waiting for if you ask me. When it comes to ice cream, and I eat lots during the summer, I usually go for something fresh and something creamier – could be a good lemon sorbet together with a rich coconut flavour.

What's the best Bornholm activity?

When I visit places I adore, it’s usually all about just being there – almost like you were at home doing everyday stuff, just in another setting which is what makes the difference. Enjoying your morning coffee, going for a walk, grocery shopping, and eating great food.

What I feel is so special about Bornholm is the spectacular raw nature and that very special light – everything you do in this company is impeccable in itself.

Besides, the Opal Lake, Hammershus and the island’s smokehouses are classics.

If you have 1 hour for yourself during vacation how do you spend it?

There’s something about those times of day that are a little in-between; either early in the morning before the day really begins or in the late afternoon before it really ends. If I won an hour in the morning, I would read a good book in the company of my very first cup of coffee (which tastes so much better than the rest). If it was just before sunset, I would go for a long walk by the sea to gather my thoughts, most likely while listening to my playlist full of nostalgic tracks.

Your recently played song?

“Dem, Vi Plejede At Være” by Guldimund and “Con Altura” by Rosalía.

It keeps me in the spirit of this year’s Roskilde Festival – my first one after Covid loosened its grip and pregnancy on top of that. Felt unbelievably good to be back. 

Any book recommendations?

I recently finished Thomas Korsgaard’s ’Man skulle nok have været der’. His descriptive and lively language makes you feel like you are right next to the main character throughout the novel.

Content by @line_dalgaard