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The PRC Story: Travel in PRC
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Travel in PRC

Caroline, our Head of Sales, was travelling with her two sons alone from Copenhagen to Los Angeles. We asked her a few questions regarding travelling alone with kids and tips for what to take to the plane.

What is the destination and how long are you staying there?

"My two sons and I are travelling to LA this summer, my husband already went there for work some weeks ago - so the boys and I will go see him and spend time with him most of July. We have rented a house in Silver Lake, and are going to stay there during our stay."

How did you prepare to travel with kids by yourself?

"I am quite positive and took it really easy. I am lucky to have two sons that are really good at getting the most out of the most boring, like a 12-hour flight to California. They are funny and they get along. So I did not think that much about it."

What did you pack for the airplane? 

 "I packed food, small presents for the kids, socks and cashmere for all of us. I hate to freeze on a plane, which you almost always do."

Which cashmere pieces did you have with you to keep yourself and your kids comfy and warm?

"I brought the Baby Cardigan in Nutty for both of them. I use them open as a jacket during the summer, and button up (in the plane in this case) when it is a bit colder. I travelled in the Women's Straight Sweatpants, the Women's Rib Tank and our Original Button Down Polo, which was a perfect travel outfit: comfortable and warm. I brought the new Original Ribbed Scarf in Butter - both for me to tie around my neck and shoulder, but also for the boys as a blanket."

How did you keep your kids occupied on the plane? 

"I brought small cute presents for them, but actually the most occupying thing for the boys was to play games on the flight screen and watch shows. We do not have any iPads at home, so I guess it was a first-time “touch screen” experience for them."

What kind of snacks did you pack for the trip? 

"I hate the food you get on the plane. So normally I would just bring a sandwich from the airport. But my oldest son has severe food allergies - so I had to prepare some for him since we flew almost half a day. I made sandwiches, cookies, veggie snacks and candy."

Playlist on repeat on the plane?

"I wish I had the time to listen to some music :)"

Favourite movies on the plane?

"The Great Silence. I never got to see it before now. My sweet friend Kristine Thorp is playing the main actor."

Tips for other parents travelling far and/or alone with small kids?

"If possible travel with two adults for more than two children, it’s a lot harder otherwise. And patience."