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The PRC Stories: Heydi Vásquez - Ara'kai Beauty
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Heydi Vásquez - Ara'kai Beauty

Heydi Vásquez spent 15 years in the fashion industry before establishing Ara'kai Beauty. Passionate about elevating clean beauty in Scandinavia, Heydi envisioned a unique beauty space that combines quality, aesthetics, self-care, and mindfulness. Ara'kai Beauty marks the beginning of her mission to redefine beauty standards in Scandinavia.
We visited Heydi and her holistic beauty space in the heart of Copenhagen for a chat.

Can you tell us about Ara’kai?

Ara'kai Beauty is a Copenhagen-based beauty sanctuary emphasising holistic skincare, mindful clean beauty, and nature-inspired rituals. For me, Ara'kai represents more than a beauty space, we promote a deep connection with nature and sustainability in self-care. We offer advanced, result-driven treatments, and a curated selection of skincare products from artisans worldwide. It represents a commitment to both personal well-being and environmental responsibility, which is something I believe we need more of in this world.

With a background in fashion, what led you to open such a tranquil beauty space?

After 15 years in fashion, I felt a deep need for a more meaningful path. Ara'kai represents my journey towards a more grounded and holistic approach to beauty, reflecting my evolution and commitment to well-being. I was looking to create something that encouraged people to take a slower path, to encourage intentional and mindful living, and to feel a greater sense of connection to self and the people around us.

The PRC Stories: Heydi Vásquez - Ara'kai Beauty
The PRC Stories: Heydi Vásquez - Ara'kai Beauty

How do you source and select brands and products? Do you have your favourite product?

Sourcing and selecting brands and products is a thoughtful process rooted in our commitment to clean beauty, sustainability, and efficacy. I prioritise brands that I have a personal connection to. Every brand I represent must align with Ara'kai's ethos, emphasising natural ingredients, ethical practices, and innovative formulations. 

I have a few hero products, but one I've recently started using and am truly amazed by the results is Ignae’s Rich Night Serum. Ignae is a brand from the Azores that we’ve just launched, using biotechnology to develop more powerful products that penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. Their proprietary technology embodies the essence of Ara'kai Beauty—transformative, sustainable, and deeply connected to nature.

Do you have a hero treatment?

Absolutely! My hero treatment is undeniably the Ara'kai Signature. This facial experience combines our distinctive deep cleansing method with products tailored to individual skin needs. What sets it apart is the meticulous lifting and contouring facial massage, it's designed to sculpt and revitalise the skin, eliminating toxins, and enhancing circulation. It's a deeply relaxing and indulgent treatment but also packs results.

What is your approach to holistic beauty?

Holistic beauty, to me, transcends the surface and delves into the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. For me, it's rooted in a deep reverence for nature. Coming from the Dominican Republic, I wanted to share my heritage and it's a way of practising mindfulness and self-care. I truly believe that beauty emanates from balance and harmony within, reflecting outwardly in radiance and overall well-being.

Do you have a specific self-care ritual that you can share?

Prioritising consistent acts of self-care is non-negotiable for me, especially in the sacred moments of the morning when I prefer a slower pace. My day starts with a 15-minute meditation, to cultivate calm and focus for the day ahead, followed by a big glass of tempered water to kickstart the body's metabolism. Next up is a selection of high-quality supplements (Lion's Mane and Chaga tinctures, hydrolyzed collagen, and pre-probiotics) to nourish the body with essential nutrients. Taking my dog Palma for a long walk has become an essential part of my mornings. An opportunity to connect with nature and breathe in fresh air, to fully clear the mind. Weekly movement practices like pilates, and yoga, and indulging in evening baths with Epsom salts are all part of my rituals. These simple practices set a positive tone throughout the day and keep me balanced.

You are expanding your Ara’kai universe into offering pilates and yoga classes, can you share a bit about the new space?

Certainly! I'm so excited to announce our expansion at Ara'kai with the introduction of a movement studio that's launching in February. We'll be offering intimate classes featuring Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Baths with a maximum of six participants per session, so that our expert team can provide personalised attention and dedicated guidance, fostering physical strength, and mind-body connection. 

What does quality mean to you? 

Quality, to me, is the embodiment of integrity, craftsmanship, and purpose. It transcends the tangible attributes of a product or experience and resonates on a deeper level of authenticity and value. It's about creating meaningful connections, fostering trust, and elevating the everyday into something extraordinary. Quality is not merely a standard I want to keep; it's more a philosophy that guides the dedication to craftsmanship, sustainability, and the holistic well-being of our community.