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The PRC Stories: In between Copenhagen and London
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In between Copenhagen and London

Patrick Ralph Bentley is a photographer with 15 years of experience. Having worked as a model in Copenhagen he got into photography and moved to London in 2005 to study a degree in Fashion Photography at London College of Fashion. After moving back and forth between his two hometowns of London and Copenhagen for ten years, he finally settled in the centre of Copenhagen after the birth of his first child, Audrey, and later younger brother Arthur.
Read in the PRC Stories about Patrick and his favourite places to visit in Copenhagen and London.⁠
The PRC Stories: In between Copenhagen and London
The PRC Stories: In between Copenhagen and London

Could you discuss how you balance your roles as a single parent and a professional?

I live a pretty fragmented life with one week of being a single dad and then a week of being on my own trying to get my work done so I have my time free when I’m with the kids. I know it's normal nowadays but it has taken me quite some time to get used to it. My friends would probably say I’m still adjusting to it, but that is how life has unfolded. I’ve never really been a “planner” and never thought I would settle in one place but when you’ve got kids it's difficult to be free-spirited. And planning has suddenly become a big thing. 

The PRC Stories: In between Copenhagen and London
The PRC Stories: In between Copenhagen and London

How do your Danish background and experiences in London influence your creative approach and aesthetic choices?

My work is inspired by both my Danish understanding of beauty with clean aesthetics but also I love to work with little gear and the use of the locations I’m surrounded by. That is for sure something I learned in London - to keep it simple and not overcomplicate things with props and artificial lighting. I guess that goes through my dressing too. 

How did your experience in London shape your style, and how does that influence your approach to fashion and simplicity in your everyday life and work?

From very early on in London I got overwhelmed by all the fashion I was surrounded by and had to find my style. It’s very much the same style I have worn almost twenty years later. I always have a pair of Clarks Wallabees for summer and Clarks Desert boots for winter. Black Levi's 511, black t-shirts and quality black sweaters from S.N.S and PRC. That’s it. I can pack for travelling in five minutes and never spend a minute in front of a mirror. 

Your neighbourhood in Gammelholm seems to hold a special place in your heart. Can you share how the sense of community and the local establishments have influenced your daily routine and overall lifestyle?

I love living in the area of Gammelholm in Indre By. I have a small flat but with the best little balcony in town and right between the water and Kongens Nytorv. Gammelholm has got a village feel to it like my old neighbourhood Stoke Newington in London has. I’ve gotten to know so many interesting people here which is also nice. I love my morning routine of espresso at my friends’ cafe Les Voyageurs. A morning without starting it there is not a good morning! Otherwise, I have my go-to’s in Palæ Bar for beer, sometimes lunch, and Toldbod Bodega for dinner. 

What about London? Do you have any favourite places to recommend there?

When I’m in London I also have my favourites that I need to visit. I studied right in the centre of London and therefore got a good knowledge of the West End and especially Soho. Coffee has to be at Bar Italia and tea and cake at Maison Bertaux. Lunch I love from one of London's many old cafes. They unfortunately are a dying breed but most of the best are still around. I love Paul Rothe & Son in Marylebone. The best pubs though you find in East or North London. Too many to mention but a steak sandwich at The Eagle Farringdon in Clerkenwell or a Sunday roast at the Rose and Crown in Stoke Newington is unbeatable.